April 2018

This time of the year I get pretty busy with schools and teaching work- so my time in the studio is sometimes stolen rather than planned.

What to do with a few stolen hours?

Play, I say!

So these new works are a development of the Celtic Koru pieces I’ve been making for a while.
The koru work is a blending of traditional Celtic and Maori spirals- this new work continues on that theme- incorporating ideas and stories.


These pieces read from the bottom up:

…water & fish… waves…a compass… a ship’s prow… breaking waves…

flying fish…sea spray.. jumping fish and birds…..

Watercolour and gold on cotton rag paper- Kate Buckley

Watercolour and gold on cotton rag paper

Detail- storms and ideas

Watercolour and gold on cotton rag Paper. Kate Buckley

Storms and Ideas